About Us


Serving The City of London since 1962
We’ve been in business for over 60 years, and family run for three generations. This undoubtedly makes us traditional, which inspires us to use the finest quality British and European fabrics... However, we are not stuck in the past. We like to concentrate on creating modern silhouettes, using exciting lining colours and, keeping a real attention to detail to make the most elegant of garments.
In post-war Britain, Len, wanted to provide classic British tailoring to the public and did so with a charm, a focus on attention to detail, and a passion for customer service. Fast forward over sixty years and three generations, the same is still true of Leonard Jay.
With five stores dedicated to exemplary service, you will still find Matthew, often accompanied by Hugo the cavalier spaniel, helping customers find perfect clothes from our collection. You may even find Jojo, now four helping with some deliveries when he’s not at school.

 The design team put all their effort into creating beautiful, well fitting, detail orientated garments which are produced traditionally, ethically, and sustainably. The customer service team, both instore and online are dedicated to helping customers find those garments which are perfect for their wants and needs.